Hospital associated infections are a leading cause of increased morbidity and mortality in patients and healthcare workers. They add to the health expenses of the country which is already unable to provide essential requirements. Most importantly these infections can be prevented by implementing proper infection control programs.

The main obstacle to achieving this goal is the inadequacy of healthcare personnel trained in infectious disease and infection control. This course is aimed at developing skills and knowledge on infection control among healthcare workers and thereby achieving better standards of infection control in hospitals.

In view of the above, the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo is offering a certificate course in infection prevention and control to provide knowledge and skills and to impart correct attitudes in preventing, controlling and monitoring healthcare-associated infections through infection prevention and control. 

This will provide support to infection control professionals, healthcare organizations and healthcare providers in the development, implementation and evaluation of infection prevention and control policies, procedures and programs to improve the quality and safety of health care and patient outcomes. 

Aim of the course: 

To develop knowledge, skills and competencies required for infection control in health care settings.