The role of a health professional as a teacher is evolving, with the progress made in the health care delivery system and the learning trends in higher education. Health professions education, therefore, has rapidly developed with new innovations to meet these challenges.

The medical education certificate courses for health professions educators are offered by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with experts in the country in chosen fields of education. It aims to equip health profession educators with expertise in knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of an educator working in this field. The course is designed to strengthen the participants' ability to design, deliver, conduct research, and evaluate effective educational programs. Therefore, this course will benefit educators involved in delivering health professions education.

A varied combination of modules on key aspects of education is offered for the different target groups of health professions educators. As such, the organization of the courses will permit the participants to achieve their desired educational expertise while empowering them to contribute to the education of a wider group of health professionals in the country.